Taking a leap of faith !

by DotInDaisies


I have always wanted to start my own blog. Yet, the fears of publicly writing something that could potentially be unread or unlike, to me, is still nerve wrecking. Besides, what would I write about? Obviously it would be food-related. But will it be about my visits to the city’s up and coming places to eat or the trials and errors of my recent obsession with baking? Wait, but how will I know whether others will tune in to my preferred choice of restaurants or taste preference? What if I start a baking blog, will I have to come up with my own original recipe? Hold on, but I’m not at that stage yet. Should I wait till I’ve mastered the basics of baking before actually starting a blog?

All those questions bombarded my mind endlessly. But then I came across Irvin Lin’s Eat The Love on blogging 101. Reading Irvin’s truth be told to bloggers was as if the angel on my shoulder has finally triumphed the devil that has been feeding me with doubts and negative thoughts. His words give me my final wake up call to stop thinking so much and start making it happen already.

With that being said, this blog will be my own personal culinary adventure. It could be about my hunt for the city’s best eats, my trip to local markets, or my endless attempts to perfect home baked goods.

It’s my life with a pinch of sugar

And I hope you enjoy 🙂