Boyy Café: Simplicity at its finest.

by DotInDaisies

IMG_4402Midterms are killing me. Not because I’ve been studying too hard and can no longer force myself to read one more word about B.F Skinner or the significance of each brain part, but because I couldn’t have cared less about them. Still, I must give some credits to studying; it gives me the perfect excuse to hunt down small cafés to perch and unwind.


My feeling of finding Boyy Café is similar to the enthusiasm of a kid who comes upon a hidden treasure. It is as if I’ve found a hidden gem that is tucked away behind one of Bangkok’s busiest night scenes. Boyy café is not your instant overnight hits. If it weren’t through word of mouth, I wouldn’t have known that amidst the trendy Fat Gut’z Saloon and Mugendai sushi bar exists a small coffee shop, which truly is a rare find.


As the jazzy tune of Pink Martini’s “Sympathique “ and the buttery smell of almond croissant inflate the room, I’m pretty sure I’m at the pinnacle of bliss. At that moment, I could just imagine myself idling by the café’s outdoor picnic table on a lazy Sunday afternoon with my favorite novel in hand lost in time and space.

The café has a simple menu with home cooked dishes such as Spaghtti Putanesca and Shrimp and Avocado salad. I’m also swayed by their sandwiches options. However, since I’d already eaten, I’m craving for a little something sweet. The menu doesn’t include any pictures so I go along with my instinct and choose whatever it is that must be good enough to deserve the name of the store.



Boyy Sundae looks oh so divine! As I dig down my spoon, making sure I’ve included all the delectable components in a mouthful, and take one big bite…I’m pretty sure I’ve tasted paradise. The dessert lives up to its reputation, 3 scoops of homemade vanilla bean ice cream topped with toasted peanuts and pretzels and finally drizzled with chewy and sticky caramel. Nuts, pretzels and caramel? Who wouldn’t be tempted by the sound of that?

I’ve taken a note to try out the café’s famous almond croissant and lychee iced-tea. But since I’m already so full and couldn’t take another bite, those options would have to wait till next time.

Until then … 🙂