Spring Epicurean Market: Sunday morning into a food coma.

by DotInDaisies


Thailand’s seasonal system is pretty messed up. Everyday I feel like I’m either in a colossal sauna or a mega steam room since the weather simply alternates between hot/ humid and just plain wet. Last Sunday was no different. However, the happening of the Spring Epicurean Market on the green lawn of the Spring and Summer restaurant brought about a breath of fresh air. The market is held every last Sunday of the month with local vendors selling organic products ranging from home grown vegetables to freshly baked goods.



To me, the word “market” in Thai paints a pretty graphic picture of a dimly lit and un-air-conditioned space with pigs and chickens on chopping blocks. And so I was quite excited when I heard that various farmers market are popping up around community spaces such as K-Village and Nawamin City Avenue offering a good venue for a family outing or a casual meet up with friends.

IMG_4419Yes, Sunday is that one day of the week when the streets are cleared and most people don’t get up until their internal alarm clock spontaneously decided to chime. But since I have always been a morning person, I made plans to meet my lovely friend, Bee, who was a doll to sacrifice her beauty sleep for an early morning outing with me and my family at 8:30.

When I arrived with my parents and met up with Bee, the lawn of the Spring and Summer restaurant had already turned into a playground where children ran around without a care in the world. Some people seemed to have arrived earlier and were enjoying their morning breakfast and coffee out in the open.

IMG_4464Judging from the look of things, I was pretty glad I skipped breakfast… Everything looked so good and appetizing that I literally jumped from vendor to vendor, tasting pretty much everything that I could get my hands on. It wasn’t long before my parents gave up on my enthusiasm and retreated into the restaurant to enjoy a cup of coffee in peace, leaving bee and me at our state of overexcitement.


IMG_4430IMG_4465Bee and I went around different booths to take a peek (and an occasional tasting) of what was selling. The quinoa stuffed tofu and jasmine rice sushi from Spring restaurant was my favorite. It tasted so light and healthy…I think I could have eaten more than 10 if I weren’t so tempted to try out the foods from other stores. Bee and I also tried Joe Sloane BBQ’s grilled chorizo sausage with mango and applesauce on sourdough bread, which tasted absolutely delicious. One of the booths was also selling fruit popsicles, which was a hit for the kids, and the one next to it, from Appia restaurant, was selling mean looking eggplant lasagna.

IMG_4429Before leaving I made it a priority to check out Amatissimo café’s beautiful pastries and ended up buying their famous cronut (croissant + donut), macadamia nut sticky bun and almond croissant. Personally, I think their baked goods are just godsend… don’t know how they do it but seriously, how can bread tastes this good?

IMG_4457Altogether, the trip to the market is a great change to my usual Sundays. It was nice to see so many families out and about, enjoying good food and supporting local produces. I look forward to going back there next month and perhaps try out the healthy looking burrito or zucchini pancake from Absolute Fit Food..mmm.. or maybe the chocolate carrot cake that I’d been eyeing on… 😉