Singapore Food Adventure (P.2): Rise and Shine

by DotInDaisies

Since I was in Singapore-a country most reputable for its culinary arts- I thought what better way to start the day than with a hearty one-day worth of calories meal. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. No one should feel guilty from indulging in thick slice(s) of buttery brioche even if there is extra slab(s) of butter and jam on top. One gotta live a little once in a while.

Here is to part two of my food adventure in Singapore.

Wild Honey@Scotts Square

Following the good review from Lady iron chef, Wild Honey at Scotts Square is ranked quite high on my “what to eat in Singapore” list. With its convenient location on Orchard road, quite close to YMCA hotel where I was staying, Wild Honey is my very first impression of breakfast in Singapore. Ploy and I met up with House at the restaurant around 9:30 in the morning. We all decided to order one plate each plus an after-dessert.
I ordered the Portobello Road, which is also a vegan dish, consisting of two of the restaurant’s signature brioche toasts with Portobello mushroom, spinach, red peppers, and two perfectly poached eggs.
Ploy order Norwegian (I was going to order that but she beat me to it), which is two whole-wheat brioches with avocado, asparagus, two perfectly poached eggs wrapped in Norwegian smoked salmon and served with REAL GOOD hollandaise sauce.
As for House, he went for something simple (but not really), a full English Breakfast, which makes up of (ITS SO FLUFFY) scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, sautéed mushrooms, baked beans, potatoes and grilled tomatoes with two-very awkward looking but tasty-brioches. Haha. So much for wanting a simple breakfast. Our dessert was Brittany, which is panettone french toast with fresh baby bananas, salted caramel mascarpone, toffee’d hazelnuts & salted caramel sauce. Even though I was so full, I couldn’t help but drools at the sight of this dish. My favorite part of Brittany is the french toast with crust that is very crisp, nutty and sweet and go so well with the soft chewy center. Honestly, Wild Honey at Scotts Square really put many breakfast and brunch places in Bangkok to shame. Not only is the portion wayyyyy bigger, the meal is overall very satisfying. Even though the price is not such a bargain, it is worth it for such a cozy ambience and a decent service in Singapore.

Wild Honey@Scotts Square
Address: Scotts Rd, Singapore 228209
Phone:+65 6636 1816
Monday-Friday: 9:00–22:30
Saturday & Sunday: 8:00-22:30


Artisan Boulangerie Co.

Have I ever mentioned that I love bread? Well in case I haven’t, I LOVE BREAD. When I was searching for the best bakery in Singapore, Artisan Boulangerie Co came up nearly on top of the list. The bakery is owned by Eran Mayer, an award winning French baker who moved to Singapore with dreams of making this country a better place with his amazing quiches and croissants.
Scanning the array of options on display, I decided to order my favorite pastry, which is the almond croissant. I loved it ( as well as the quiche, the chocolate chip twist, and I’m sure if I try more of his baked goods, I’ll be in love with them too.) Ploy ordered Salmon with dill and cream cheese, which took forever to arrive but the waitress made up for it by giving us a complementary pastry of our choice! We chose to go with the salmon quiche but regretted it after because it ended up tasting so good (we had to kinda finish the whole thing and skip lunch.) So if you’re ever around the neighborhood (or not), stop by Artisan Boulangerie Co, trust me you won’t regret it.

Artisan Boulangerie Co.
01-01, 118 Killiney Road
Singapore 239555
Phone: +65 6444 8130
Daily: 8:oo-22:00


Kith Café

For my third day in Singapore, I made a reservation for lunch at Jaan at Swissotel, which was what I was looking forward to for the whole trip (more about this later). So for breakfast, Ploy and I wanted to go for something a little lighter. I decided to look up small cafes around our hotel and Kith Café came up with really positive reviews.
IMG_6493 IMG_6491
Kith café is really small but cozy with an outdoor patio. I was really tempted by the sweet treats shown on the counter but resisted the temptation and ordered Beetroot, carrots and green apple juice with chia seed, which was very refreshing.Ploy ordered a cup of hot mocha, which was good cuppa coffe. I really like Kith Café. I can imagine myself having a late breakfast here or spending my free afternoon on the patio just watching cars go by..

Kith Cafe
Address: 7 Rodyk St #01-28, Singapore 238215
Phone:+65 6341 9407
Daily: 7:00-19:00


Tiong Bahru Bakery@Tangs Orchard

Yeah so it was our last day and we just had a very full dim sum lunch but we still managed to order five different pastries from Tiong Bahru Bakery. Yep. Five. Oh and we also ordered coffee too, just to complete the experience. That’s totally normal right? By the way that was a rhetorical question.
I ordered chocolate lava, almond brioche and chocolate almond croissant, which was a must since it was the last piece left on display. Ploy ordered a slice of teacake and a giant financier. One advice I can give you is to not take the staff’s recommendation. Go with whatever your guts is telling you to order. This is to avoid the situation in which you found yourself asking the question why the hell did I ordered this?! The chocolate lava is nothing extraordinary. It wasn’t even ordinary. When cut, the cake lacks the gooey, rich, chocolate sauce flooding out from the center.
The tea cake is alright but doesn’t taste or smell like tea, more like a good banana bread. What we love (I love) is the financier, almond brioche and chocolate almond croissant. I don’t know if almonds has to do with why these pastries tasted so good but I’ll accept that as a logical explanation (financier is a French cake made out mainly of almond meal).

Tiong Bahru Bakery@ Tangs Orchard
310 Orchard Road,Tangs Orchard L1-16B, Singapore 238864
Phone: +65 6735 3787
Monday-Thursday, Saturday&Sunday: 8:00-22:00
Friday: 8:00-23:00