Hi guys, my name is Mai. I am originally from Thailand but right now I am a psychology student at University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. I know I major in Psychology but my calling is definitely somewhere else. And you guys could probably figure out what that calling is from the things I ramble on about in this blog. I started Dot in Daisies around a year ago, hoping it would be a space for all recollections of my food and travel experiences. But since the start of this blog I’ve discovered a little more about myself, I’ve moved country (from Bangkok, Thailand, to Brisbane, Australia), met incredible new people and adopted a whole new mindset towards food. I am now a strong advocate in eating wholesome and nutrient rich food that nourishes your body. The ‘you are what you eat’ motto, I am all in for. I think what you eat really does affect how you feel and reflect your lifestyle. I don’t believe in strict dieting where people go extreme and limit intake of any carbs or fats. That being said, what am I…? A vegetarian, a pesci vegetarian, or a lacto-ovo vegetarian…? Well… I don’t really know either.
All I know is that I love eating and making healthy and delicious food, guilt-free dessert as well as visiting cafes and restaurants that attune to my lifestyle.
In other words, I guess I am just a choosy girl who loves to eat.

Apart from being a major foodie, I am also a major wanderluster. As much as I am adventurous with my palate, I also love travelling and exploring new places. Being here in Australia is a dream to me. I definitely hope to make most of my experience here and travel to all the places I have seen only in pictures and dreamt of going when I was back home.

So what is Dot in Daisies? I guess it is just my own personal space where I can share my love for good and wholesome food, travel stories and just simply happy thoughts. It is pretty much the treasure chest for all my favourite things. Things like good old peanut butter, coconut, and dark chocolate…lots and lots of chocolates… well you get the picture…